6-3-00 A few minor updates. If anyone has any news please send it in. Thanks!

2-10-00 Several new news items were added to the news page.

1-17-00 Many tabs were updated as well as some information about the Crow 3 soundtrack.

1-13-00 A new interview was added to the news page.

12-26-99 A new tab of Take A Picture was added.

12-14-99 Information on a interview with Geno added to the news section.

12-10-99 Trent Reznor's comments about Filter were added to the news section.

12-4-99 Some new news was added.

11-30-99 The News page with current Filter news was added. Two new links have been added.

11-15-99 This site was officaly "released." The great Filter site Filter Online is about to go down and this page is here to preserve the information which it contained. Having helped with Filter Online a little bit in the past and talking with Hubka we wanted to save all the work put into Filter Online. I will work to try to improve and add new content to this site as time goes on.