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(Notorious) Hi, I'm Adam Hubka and I'd like to welcome everyone to this

very special Friday chat session here on FILTER Online! I would especially

like to thank Richard Patrick for taking the time to come and chat with us

Filter fans online like this.

(Notorious) Everyone, please remember, this is a moderated chat and you

will not be able to post your questions directly. Send all questions

privately to @Kralizec. The guidelines and instructions on how to post a

question are listed below this window. So just sit back and enjoy the chat,

we will do our best to post your questions.

(Notorious) he is having tech difficulties

(Notorious) please stand by

(Notorious) Please be patient while Rich gets things fixed on his end

(Notorious) thanks to everyone who showed up for this by the way

(Notorious) I have a lot of questions gathered from everyone, so this sould

be really cool

(RPatrick) hey everybody, it's richard and frank. light em up we're


(RPatrick) questions?

(Notorious) Q: Okay, let me start us off here. As we all know, your new

drummer is Steven Gillis, but we don't know much about him. Can you tell

us a little about Steven Gillis?

(RPatrick) Steve is an amazing drummer from the Chicago land area. He is

just an amazing human beat box. He's never really been in a big band

before. and we're really excited for him.

(Notorious) Q: How significant do you think the decision to use Steve on

the record is for both the record itself, and the band as a whole?

(RPatrick) Well it all comes down to music. I wouldn't be associated with

the guy if he didn't offer or bring something to the bands music. he adds

an amazing dynamic to the sound

(Notorious) Q: Was there anyone else who played on the new album besides

the regular members?

(RPatrick) yes. a lady i refer to as miss blue. she sang with me on a

song called "Cancer"

(Notorious) Q: When do you plan to release the album?

(RPatrick) as soon as it's finished. and we're almost finished. maybe


(Notorious) Q: Will the new album sound similar to Short Bus? I heard

there are a lot of highs and lows?

(RPatrick) yes and no. but i'd have to say that the band has developed

far beyond the straight forward sound of short bus.

(Notorious) Q: What do you plan on being the name for the upcoming album?

Has it changed from Abyssinian Son?

(RPatrick) not sure. what do you think about that name?

(Notorious) Personally I liked it a lot. It was original, and it has a good

ring to it

(Notorious) maybe you could have a poll on the official page with voting

for certain names you have

(Notorious) just an idea

(Kralizec) I have gotten several messages say it is good and cool. they

want to know the story behind it

(RPatrick) thanks. maybe i'll keep it. I don't know what do you think

Frank? F- we have to wait til the albus done.

(Notorious) Q: What's the story behind the name?

(RPatrick) i have two little kittens called soda pop and pony boy. they

bring a wonderful energy to my life along with the number 13.

(RPatrick) oh, and they are abyssinians.

(Notorious) Q: How did new studio you've built for yourself affect the

production of the new album?

(RPatrick) it slowed the album down, but made a wonderful recording

environment for us "fragile" artists....

(Notorious) Q: How exactly do you see the music of Filter moving after

the departure of Brian Liesegang? It seems like there has been some

differences between the newer songs like "One" and "Can't You Trip Like I

Do" to your earlier work like "Hey Man Nice Shot" and "Dose"

(RPatrick) Brian was a co-producer on the first record, which means very


(Notorious) Q: Has there been any new influences musically to the songs?

(RPatrick) not really. it's meat and potatos filter, lot's of guitars,

lot's of emotion..... and of course, our big fat computer.

(Notorious) Q: How many songs will be on the new album and whats going to

be the first single?

(RPatrick) it's usually a good idea to never pick your single until the

whole thing is done. but, personally i think it's a song we lovingly call

"welcome to the fold" 13 songs.

(Notorious) Q: Will you put out more B-side songs on the singles to the

new album? As opposed to or in addition to remixes?

(RPatrick) primarily just remixes will come out on other CD's. But I

think all the songs are gonna make the cut for the LP

(Notorious) Q: Do you have any that you won't put on the cd that might be

released on soundtracks or anything like that?

(RPatrick) not as of yet. i'm pretty much done with the soundtrack thing

for now.

(Notorious) Q: Will you be releasing any demos of the new album before it

is actually released? Maybe some samples on the Official page, when it

gets finished?

(RPatrick) probably.

(Notorious) Q: After all the obstacles that you and the band have been

faced with over the past couple of years, how does it feel to finally have

the album completed?

(RPatrick) well, we're not done yet. but it feels pretty damn good.

(Notorious) Q: With one less guitar player, how will that effect your

live performance? Noting that on the Short Bus tour all three of you played

at once (most of the time)

(RPatrick) Well, Brian wasn't really plugged in. so, not much.

(Notorious) Q: When are you planning on starting the tour and will you be

playing more US and European dates than the short bus tour? What about

touring in Australia and New Zealand or anywhere else?

(RPatrick) as soon as the records done, we'll rehearse, and then hit as

many dates and venues as we can. as long as you buy the tickets.

(Notorious) I don't think you will have any trouble with that..

(Notorious) Q: How many songs from Short Bus do you think you will play

on the next tour?

(RPatrick) hmns, dose, under, probably all of them... i love them all.

(Notorious) Q: Where's your favorite place to play? (City, Venue etc)

(RPatrick) what a loaded question! i love the US more than any place in

the world. every show is wonderful.

(Notorious) Q: Will you ever play Thanks Bro or (Can't You) Trip Like I Do


(RPatrick) definitely, trip like i do - thanks bro just a little bit too

unorganized. but, we'll hit it in the rehearsal hall and see how it sounds.

you tell me what you want to hear, and i'll try.

(Notorious) Q: Who are some bands you would like to tour with at some

point in time?

(RPatrick) there are so many good bands out there, but it all depends on

their schedules and of course ours. maybe filter and NIN could hook up

seeing as how we're friends now.

(Notorious) Q: Does your throat get sore after you scream? How long did it

take for you to get used to it?

(RPatrick) well, the human voice is a very fragile thing. but somehow it's

always there for me. i just cross my fingers.

(Notorious) Q: Do you have one favorite track of your previous work that

stands out from the rest?

(RPatrick) can't you trip like i do....

(Notorious) Q: On your tour, do you plan to play at larger venues, smaller

clubs or a little of both?

(RPatrick) a little of both, i like to change it up...

(Notorious) Q: What other bands do you consider your friends?

(RPatrick) Korn, Limp Biskit, Rob Zombie, 100,000 leagues under my nutsack,

Janes Addiction, Jesus Lizard, Chris Issac

(Notorious) Q: Since it said in your home video that you play at about 120

-130 decimals live, do you wear ear plugs during concerts?

(RPatrick) Fuck No. if it's too loud, you're too old.

(RPatrick) Hi-Five Frank.

(Notorious) Q: There has been a debate floating around the internet as to

the story behind the song Under. What is the story behind that song?

(RPatrick) the song is about a maladjusted young male in the subculture of

the USofA. Not about one particular thing.

(RPatrick) let's just say I'm legally insane.

(Notorious) Q: What advice would you give to up and coming musicians

either in bands or solo?

(RPatrick) throw your guitar down the stairs, don't second guess yourself,

and believe in yourself because no one else will.

(Notorious) Q: What cds have you been listening to lately? Besides your

own recordings that is

(RPatrick) Queens of the Stone Age, the new Beasties, Nutsack (see above),

Patsy Cline, alot. my cd collection is huge.

(Notorious) Q: What is the average time it takes you to write a song?

(RPatrick) less than 5 minutes, as long as a week.

(Notorious) Q: What do you usually write your lyrics about?

(RPatrick) Esotirical Trips, Journeys, Literally and ...... shit, i don't


(RPatrick) everyday stuff that bothers you and me, love, hate, war, drugs.

(Notorious) Q: What does the title of the song "Jurrassitol" mean?

(RPatrick) I was surpised to find out that it might be in the dictionary,

but originally i thought i had made it up - just about some old fart

(RPatrick) just about the young man having to take a step back when the old

man walks by.

(Notorious) Q: Do you think any of your videos from the new album will get

any air time on MTV? Do you wish that there was a network that gave true

rock music a chance at being heard?

(RPatrick) i hope so, and yes....

(Notorious) Q: Now that Frank is helping with the new album, will the bass

parts be more intricate (compared to Short Bus)?

(RPatrick) yes and no. Frank is the dope-jam-mother-fucker, and he gets

the sound of Filter.

(Notorious) Q: Do you ever get on the internet and look at any of the

Filter sites, if so, how does it make you feel to see how loved Filter is?

(RPatrick) makes me feel great, and that's how i met hubka. We've adopted

him as a little website brother.

(Notorious) I can't explain how much of an honor that is to me man, thanks so


(Notorious) sorry, back to the questions heheh

(Notorious) Q: Have you ever seen the FDG Forum (Filter Discussion Group)?

If so, what do you think of it?

(RPatrick) yes, it's pretty cool. Keep talking about Filter.

(Notorious) Q: What type of guitars (if any in particular) do you like to

use? (special guitars you like, brand names that type of stuff)

(RPatrick) I play custom shop Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters ONLY.

(Notorious) Q: Are you planning any kind of follow up to your

phenomenology home video?

(RPatrick) Probably, if you guys want me too.

(Notorious) Q: What do you think of MP3 sound files (CD quality recordings

of your music available on the internet)? They now have portable players

for them

(RPatrick) scares the shit out of me. i hope i get paid. that's my blood

and sweat out there.

(Notorious) Q: How do you feel about people taping and trading your


(RPatrick) i don't really care. i just hope that you enjoy it. it's gonna


(Notorious) Q: Have you ever thought of appearing in one of Rob's

Production company's movies?

(RPatrick) Maybe, who knows.

(Notorious) Q: Does Rob or anyone else in you family listen to Filter

and/or come to a lot of your concerts?

(RPatrick) I have an amazing family. Especially Lew. Tremendous support

from my camp.

(Notorious) at this time I would like to open the chat up to everyone, and he

will do his best to field your questions

*** Notorious sets mode: free-for-all

spydurman: Hey Rich

Neuromancer Yo you are the man!

mechele: hi


RPatrick: howdy.

spydurman: FILTER is the shit

Sfilter350: I worship you, rich!

crismeth: what kind of outboard do u use in your studio like mic pres and


Will: Have you decided on more design-oriented stuff, like the cover

and liner and such?

RPatrick: protools and performer.

tatty: Rich this is TATTY...DO YOU KNOW ME?

RPatrick: no artwork yet, but i'm talking to this cool kid named

miquel... and of course there is always Deborah Norcross.

RPatrick: hey, tatty - you crazy little fucker.

tatty: me neither...(along with spydurman)

Kyllie: hello

Perv-54: Hey Frank!

RPatrick: play Rogue Squadrom on time off. and collect starwars stuff..

GrT: are you totally in control of the record or does have to filter

through the record company

RPatrick: consider this - morbid song about someones demise.

crismeth: did anyone ever catch on to you putting closer at the end of


Neuromancer Did you see the trailer for the new star wars prequel Rich?>>

spydurman: Rich, remember making me drink Jose Quervo for saying HEY MAN


RPatrick: always checks and balances but it is ultimately my call. as

it mother fucking shall be.

F1Filter: Are you still using a Mac? If so, what kind and are you

running ProTools/24 yet?

a_wingd_ver on behalf of the thousands of New Zealand filter fans "GET YR


RPatrick: yes, mac.

RPatrick: new zealand? I would love to go to New Zealand. New Zealand


crismeth: i wish you would have came to alaska with OZZY and White Zombie

, we have awesome snowboarding here.

ghost: hey rich will u ever come down here for texas during the tour?

Seireeni: is Finland too much to ask, Rich?

Kyllie: Hi Rich, I was just wondering are you coming to Australia?

MrBungle: Hey Rich, are you coming to jersey at all>

tooll: What kind of drum machine was used on Short Bus?

RPatrick: Again, i will play any place that calls me and says "come and

play". i love performing live, as does Frank. cause frank has to know

he's sweet to be sweet. hehe.

crismeth: FRANK: what bass gear are using and are you running direct or


RPatrick: i use all types of equipment. it's not the gear. it's what

you do with it. Lynn Drum and more....

MrBungle: I will all EVERY VENUE in my area to get you to play here!!!!!

NW-Tiree19: whatever happened to Stuart Zechman?

spydurman: Rich, ever thought of doing the FAMILY VALUES TOUR?

a_wingd_ver will the new Lp be released on vinyl>?

RPatrick: Stuart? Probably in some cemetary by now.... I have no idea.

RPatrick: vinyl - yes. short bus is also on viny.

RPatrick: family values looks cool.

skywalker: how did the finding of ray dileo help the new album

RPatrick: Ray is really relaxed in long houred, tense recording sessions.

And, he produced Kavorchian's record too. pretty cool.

MrBungle: So Hows Rouge Squadron? hehe

RPatrick: Rouge Squadrom Rocks. I AM red-5.

ghost: so rich how does it feel to be in one of the best bands ever?

Silico: rich and frank, you guys kick ass!

RPatrick: Thank You. I consider Filter a good band too. but it's

support from you that I really love. Right Frank? F- sure.

skywalker: frank whats up with 100,000 leagues under

FILTERED: this is anarchy with a sugar high

RPatrick: F- It's a conglomeration of sick minded individuals building

better mouse traps. keep your eyes pealed.

spydurman: Rich, I stillhave the guitar pick you gave me!!

RPatrick: cool

FiSH: I have PLENTY of concert tapes from your tour...if you guys

want any...just let me know!

RPatrick: you should see the new ones. made out of fished out parts of

the titanic.

Neuromancer what label is 100,000 leagues on?

Brendan: Frank.. just curious.. what kind of bass(s) do you use?

Sfilter350: rich, have you ever seen my site (I GOTTA know) Sfilter350's


Kyllie: Ok, Rich, Hi, Are Filter coming to Australia??

RPatrick: i don't do the web much. sorry. i'll try.

ghost: hey richie are you guys ever gona play one live in a concert?

a_wingd_ver filter should tour Nz and Australia.....it makes a nice holiday

meatball: Rich you guys going to canada any time soon ? if so where and


Kralizec: Rich since you said those mp3s scare the shit out of you do you

feel that any sites with filter mp3s should take them down?

Beldon--: Richard do you think you will ever do another online chat,

perhaps when the new cd comes out?

RPatrick: will post tour information on official web site.

Kyllie: So thats a maybe about Australia??

RPatrick: just be respectful of the artist and his work re:MP3

FiSH: Rich, I can hook you up with live concert tapes from the Short

Bus tour if you guys want any souviners. So do ya want any?

RPatrick: send it to 3am. PO box on the back of short bus album...

re:live footage.

Silico: does FILTER have a fan club?

Neuromancer good question

RPatrick: not that i know of. Start one up.

Silico: thank you

a_wingd_ver i thought this was the filter fan club?

mechele: Hey RICH, WILL you come to my PROM?

RPatrick: it's not good for me to accept unsolicited tapes. sorry, legal


RPatrick: do i have to wear a tux?

mechele: is that a yes?

RPatrick: my schedule is very busy, but i'm flattered at the offer.

Frank is available.

Neuromancer Rich waht record label is that 100,000 leagues album on?

RPatrick: independent.

Neuromancer whats the name, is it independent?

RPatrick: 100,000 leagues is on flexovit records.. Cleveland, Ohio.

Neuromancer thanx man

wing-d_verm hey Filtered, we could bake cookies?

RPatrick: just check out the PO box. we love the mail.

crismeth: are you going to be replacing brians slot with someone else?

RPatrick: I've already replaced Brian with engineers and mixers....

Brendan: Rich.. is Frank with you?

RPatrick: yes.

Brendan: ok

tatty: I'm just confused

spydurman: hey FRANK!!! ARE YOU STILL SHAVED BALD???

RPatrick: hey tatty, always be the dope mother fucker you are.

Silico: frank, that guy in rammestein ripped off your look!!!!

RPatrick: F- everybody rips me off, even the edge.

Silico: yeah you are a pimp man, screw all of them!

Perv-54: Frank, Your a COOL dude!

crismeth: rich, is there anyway i can help you out on your album? I have

engineering experience

RPatrick: got all the help i need, but thanks...

Brendan: Frank.. who has influenced your playing style?

Beldon--: Richard, are you working with Busta Rhymes??

RPatrick: Branden, playing live with lots of band over the last 10

years..... every person i have played with influences my style.

tooll: Before I go I just want to say to Rich and Frank that it was

really cool of you guys to take your time to do this. Take care!

RPatrick: no, busta thing didn't happen. but it was a novel idea.

MrBungle: Yeah, thanx rich and frank. It was really cool of you to do



RPatrick: thanks tooll.. and that about wraps it up for us.. love you

all. hope to see you soon. -Rich and Frank. PS. I will never work with

Puffy. Later.


crismeth: later rich frank!

Will: Bye!

Notorious: Rich and Frank, I'd like to once again thank the both of you

very much for coming and chatting with us here tonight. I hope you will

come and join us again sometime. I would like to wish you great success

with the new record and tour.

NW-Tiree19: later dude

mechele: bye

Seireeni: buh bye

spydurman: bye RICH and FRANK

crismeth: Thanks for taking time to do this


TampaFan: Thanks Rich!!You Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neuromancer Nororius are you going to post the log file on the site?

Kralizec: Rich thanks for the chat. this was great. hope you enjoyed

it as much as us!

Notorious: of course man! later tonight for sure

Neuromancer: Notorious, if it wasnt for your mailings, i would have never

known about this, THANK YOU my manI

*** Signoff: RPatrick: (Signed Off)

*** End of Transcript