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Hey Man Nice Shot

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Jurassitol Live from Estacada OR 8/96
Hey Man Nice Shot Live Version
Hey Man Nice Shot Erkenntnis Theorie version
Dose Erkenntnis Theorie version
Cracker Dicta Erkenntnis Theorie version
Take Another Erkenntnis Theorie version
Take Another Live Version


(Can't You) Trip Like I do
Cracker Dicta
Thanks Bro
Dose Critter's Triple-sect Mescaline Mix
Hey Man Nice Shot Featuring Beavis and Butthead commentary
Hey Man Nice Shot Nickel Bag Remix
Hey Man Nice Shot 1/4 Pound Remix
Hey Man Nice Shot Big Mac Remix
White Like That Live Version
White Like That Dictaphone version

Short Bus Tracks

1) Hey Man Nice Shot (au)
2) Dose (au)
3) Under (au)
4) Spent
5) Take Another
6) Stuck In Here (au)
7) It's Over (au)
8) Gerbil
9) White Like That
10) Consider This (au)
11) So Cool (au)

Special thanks to FILTERED for those Erkentnis demo mp3s and the live tracks. Also thanks to Merlin at Consider This for some of the mp3s and wavs, and Jason Wark for the Jurassitol Drum & Bass mp3. If I forgot anyone who contributed just let me know and I'll add your name.