Filter will Preform on Jay Leno March 1st.

The following was released regarding the Title of DVD Audio Prolbems:
To the Fans,
Concerning the audio on the Filter DVD, the distortion that is heard is inherent in the original sources. We are aware of, and have made every effort to clean up as much of the audio distortion and problems as possible. Unfortunately, it is what it is. Our options were either to eliminate problem areas or include them as they are. We decided to include all the content, putting technical considerations second. We felt the majority of fans would rather have the material in its best repaired form than not at all.
Warner Reprise DVD

Filter will be doing a live webcast on March 7th. It will be at

On Jan. 18th the "Take a Picture" commericial single entered stores.

According to an article at CDnow Filter will have an edited version of The Best Things on the Crow 3 soundtrack.

A new interview with Rich about his relationships is located Here on

UpSide Music has done an extensive interview with Geno Lenardo.

In the December 11th issue of Kerrang there was a interview with Trent Reznor. When asked if he checked out the competition he responded with this: "Some things I do. There hasn't been much that's really blown me away. The Filter record I've got and I like. Richard is still a really good friend of mine, so I don't look at that as the competition as much as a contemporary doing his thing. What he's doing is good."

On Friday December 10th there was a LIVE 105 Yahoo Chat with Filter. Some other bands in the chat will be 311, Blink 182, Bush, and the Foo Fighters. Filter will be talking at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern. For more information Click Here.

In a recent issue of "Hard Rock" magazine there was a interview with Trent Reznor. He mentioned that the NIN side project Tapeworm should be released in the spring of 2000. Richard Patrick is rumored to be helping with it.

Filter performed Take A Picture on David Letterman on January 11th. To hear a mp3 of this preformance click here. A big thanks to Filtered for providing the mp3.

The Filter DVD, TITLE OF DVD is in stores now.

Filter played Fashionably Loud on November 27th, 1999.

Take a Picture is the newest single. The video premiered on MTV's Total Request Live on Monday the 15th of November. To get it on TRL again click here.

Filter will be doing a Webcast on several dates in December. The first one is on the 12th. For more info click here