FILTER Special Guest Chat (March 3rd, 1999)

Richard Patrick

On Wednesday, March 3rd at 8:30pm Eastern time, 5:30pm Pacific, Richard Patrick was the special guest for another Chat Session here on Filter Online. After the success of the first one back in December, he wanted to come back and have another chat session with his fans.

He answered questions ranging from the new website to how to cure a rash. He also revealed the release date of the new album as August 10th

Incase you missed this chat, you can read the transcript below and/or check out a review by someone who was there. Beldon Wolson has been nice enough to supply me with one of his great reviews, so you can peep that. Check back with the Exclusives page for info on any more Guest Chats with Richard Patrick!

Read the Transcript !

Read a review of the chat session from people who were there !

Beldon Wolson's Review