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Filter Online Exclusives

FILTER Special Guest Chat (March 3rd, 1999)

FILTER Special Guest Chat (December 18th, 1998)

FILTER Takes The Point (With Exclusive Photo)


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Huge new article from Addicted to Noise on Filter, 5 page interview with the guys, check it out!
Rock Sound.com's big feature on Filte
Allmusic.com's HUGE interview with Richard Patrick
An interview from The Music Base
Hey Man Nice Title; the full length article from Guitar 9/99
Hey Man Nice Tone; the skinny on the sound setup behind Filter from Guitar 9/99
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Filter interview regarding Family Values from 9/99 issue of AP
Richard Patrick NIN veteran article
AP's album review of TITLE OF RECORD from 9/99 issue of AP
The Rollingstone review of TITLE OF RECORD
An awesome package at Guitar.com with a text interview, behind the scenes video, the video for Welcome to the Fold and new pictures!
Another Family Values Tour article
Info on Filter joining the Family Values tour
A short interview with Richard Patrick from MTV
The Alternative Press Article on Filter from the May 99 issue
A little wrap up of the December chat with Richard Patrick by Sonicnet
An article about Filter from the AP 1/99 issue with the 25 most anticipated albums of the year
Some more info on Rich's first band The Akt (info taken from the Forum)
One of the first articles/interviews Filter ever did. This is from AP issue #86 before Short Bus was released
An older interview from 9/8/97 on Q101 with Geno Lenardo and Brian Leisegang by Brian Paruch. I added this because its in Real Audio not a script
No, Hey Man Nice Shot isn't about Kurt Cobain, read this explanation of that song
A brief explanation of the plot behind the video for "One"
An article about the new X-Files soundtrack and the Filter song/video for it
A short column from the March 98 Alternative Press
The Article from the Alternative Press about the new album
A new article with Richard Patrick from addicted to noise
Another article with Rich
An article with Rich about the brake up
An interview from MTV with Brian Liesegang regarding the brake up
The Transcript from an MTV Arena chat
An article about the new album
An article about the song for the Spawn soundtrack
An article about Filter's special guests in the studio
A short article from ATN from when Short Bus was released
An article about Rich and Brian right after they left NIN
An article with Brian Liesegang
An article about Richard Patrick and NIN
The story behind the song "Jurassitol"
A short summary of the "Tinseltown" single
The excerpt from the back of the video Phenomenology
An article about the live band
The story behind the name FILTER
An article about the "fued" between NIN and Filter from Addicted to Noise
An article about their drummer with Smashing Pumpkins from Addicted to Noise
An article with Brian Leisegang regarding the new filter movie soon to be released from Addicted to Noise
Filter Facts
An article with Brian Leisegang regarding the next filter album from Addicted to Noise
The story behind the "Hey Man Nice Shot" song
An article form huH magazine August 1995
An interview with Richard Patrick given to me from Alex
An interview from AOL
Article from Guitar World's Tune Ups section
Interview from Prodigys Sonicnet from February 28, 1996
Another interview with Filter from Sonicnet from August 1 1995
"The Dark Weird World of Filter" and article about the band