FILTER In Columbine's Wake, Filter Reveals Tale Of Disturbed Fan

..........Filter frontman Richard Patrick is among the many musicians currently trying to make the point that music doesn't kill people; people do.

..........In the wake of the massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, the mainstream media has luridly noted the teenage gunmen's fondness for artists such as Marilyn Manson. Patrick had his own encounter with a disturbed fan in connection with the hit single off Filter's first album, "Short Bus," which he recently recounted to MTV News.

.........."I wrote a song: 'Hey Man Nice Shot,'" Patrick explained. "You know, I got a suicide letter in the mail. It was horrible. But I also got a picture of the person that did it, and the person had a joint in one hand, beer in the other, and a cigarette in their mouth."

..........He added, "If it were my song, you know, today, it would have been a cheeseburger tomorrow. I mean, if [that person] wants to kill herself, she's gonna kill herself. Whether or not my song triggered that or not, that's all in her mind. And unfortunately she needed therapy. She needed psychological help. And no one gave it to her."

..........The former Nine Inch Nails associate has been carrying on the Filter name alone since August 1997, when bandmate Brian Liesegang departed to pursue a solo career. Patrick is currently working on the follow-up to Filter's 1995 debut, but there's no word yet on a release date.

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